Personality Crisis by New York Dolls


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Maybe I wasn't there for Lou Reed, David Bowie, Iggy and The Stooges, CBGB, New York Dolls, Max's Kansas City, but I sure wish I was there... I wish I was at sitting CBGB, talking bad about a band to my friends with a French (maybe Gitanes) cigarette lit up and a cow hide leather biker jacket and leave unexpectedly without any acknowledgement by the others. I wish I was there when Television set up the CBGB stage, probably even had Lou Reed as a companion sitting around at the place. Nevertheless, here I present you, New York Dolls's first track off their eponymous debut 1973 album!   3

hirziify 28 Aug 2013

Alright. We're the Dolls from New York City & we got a Personality Crisis...

iPaulie 28 Jan 2014

In the words of Neil Diamond .....a beautiful noise.   2

newley 26 Feb 2013

The coolest of the cool...

goatlady 10 Dec 2014

i dont know how many people remember this band   5

guitarman 10 Jan 2015