Push the Sky Away by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds


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9698 days on earth.

fuijueves 3 Nov 2014

I recently watched 20,000 days on earth. Love Nick Cave.   2

Nickita 8 Apr 2015

NUMBER ONE is here on merit. It won clearly through the consensus of people who deeply love their music. I have not been a fan of all of his work but the fact that this was a clear winner made me give it a 'red, hot go'. WOW. So big thanks to @dutchbeeblebrox @Bukowski @melissapulo @KBro @AndyWilkinson @Niels_Footman and fsohail for focusing my mind on an album that has no damn right to be this blinding. 55 is his age. 30 is the number of years he has been inventing and reinventing astounding songs and himself. 15 is the number of this album. His lyrics are amazing. Storyteller, poet, actor, author and pretty humble too. Worthy winner - get it in your life. OK - hopefully this link will work- this is a Spotify list: one song off everything that garnered 2 or more votes. http://open.spotify.com/user/crazykid/playlist/6a800cUasMAGSz7YnGBIXQ And hopefully this should be the link for the master spreadsheet - https://www.dropbox.com/s/ikzwwpzgg7y284a/TIMJ%20Best%20of%202013.xlsx   31

jonnyneale5 17 Feb 2014

Saw 20.000 days on earth for the second time tonight and the children singing in this song blew me away. so pretty

sparkly 4 Nov 2014

You've gotta just keep on pushing; keep on pushing, push the sky away...

miles.hayler 31 Jan 2015