At The Chime Of A City Clock by Nick Drake


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Perfect song for a day like today -- cold & blustery outside, and the office is like a ghost town. Makes me want to put on an oversized sweater and take a nap in a bay window with a cat curled up at my feet. However, I do not have a bay window or a cat. I'll take the nap anyway and be happy with that. :-)

ExileOnEStreet 5 Dec 2014

Wishing @Bukowski a fabulous day :) x x   9

abigail.deeks 24 Jun 2014

It has to be said...sometimes you just can't beat a bit of Nick Drake.

Wriggle 15 Dec 2014

A city star / won't shine too far / on account of the way you are   3

bwhitman 9 Apr 2013

The bucolic Romantic poet of the 20th Century. One of my all time favourite songs.   20

Bukowski 17 Sep 2014

Heard this on the radio today. Going to revisit Nick Drake again soon

DanDevvers 7 May 2012