Black Eyed Dog by Nick Drake


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Explanatory text: The idea is to fill Facebook with music, breaking the monotony of selfies and sensationalism. If you "like" this post, you will be assigned a letter for a musician, band, or artist that you will post on your timeline along with this text. I was given the letter "N" by @Elan Morgan. This is an all-time favorite of mine.

mostinger 21 Jun 2014

Some Nick Drake for my pal Danny, who had never heard him until yesterday. And it's his anniversary...   1

peter7062 16 Mar 2014

For Hannah

njparry 28 May 2013

This song would've been on his next album..... #DoggyJam   8

philipnareike 5 Dec 2013

Remembering...   3

rvniko 25 Nov 2014