is that clear 7'' by Nick Waterhouse

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but michalboo was first  

written when he was 14   4

dfunktt 6 May 2014

You can't expect me to give more than I got.

mzhummina 30 Oct 2012

This week is my 1st Jamiversary. I have discovered such great music in a year. Thanks TIMJ and everyone I follow! In honor of the occasion, I'm replaying my first jam, which is a fine song that will start this week off right.   6

doublefunk 23 Sep 2013

Garage rock, r&b, saxophone stomp. Great song, too.

michalboo 30 Dec 2011

Diggin' this SF kid. I can legit call him a kid cause he's 24 but he sounds like he's been around a long time.   2

hotskillet 21 Feb 2012