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but trashtreasury was first  

Lose yourself amid piano, loops.   10

simonp 16 Jan 2014


seaninsound 24 Sep 2013

Gorgeous synth and piano composition, already described by critics (i.e. me) as "Frahm-tastic"   2

TBBYNH 11 Dec 2013

the second in the #aJamaDay series where Nils Frahm does a very passable but unintentional Jean Michel Jarre, circa Oxygen/Equinoxe

frenchbloke 10 Aug 2015

#BestOf2013 Jarret/Jarre/Jaar/?   11

d0minic 7 Dec 2013

For my final jam, there's only one artist in contention. From first discovering him during the early days of TIMJ, to finally seeing him live just a few weeks back, it has to be Nils Frahm.   3

Bamblesquatch 14 Aug 2015