“Solitude or loneliness.”

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Solitude or loneliness.

ronnyjowe 26 Aug 2015

beautiful song from his new album: screws..freedownload on Nils Frahms website: http://screws.nilsfrahm.com   2

lowie3 17 Dec 2012

Nice bit of classical   1

Blaiz0r 15 Sep 2014

A total heartbreaker

archive_girl 13 Jan 2014

@SundaySoother.   3

garyprice265 11 Jan 2015

Anger. We live in an angry world. So many human beings, spending so much time finding ways to fight. Or just get angry. If we all get our three score plus ten, would it not be so much better to find some inner peace. A bit of harmony. A reason not to fight. Life would just be...better. I'm not on some hippy peace kick, but when I've been reading music reviews/comments on Amazon or UToob, it astounds me how angry people get, to the point of verbal abuse and threats of physical abuse. Amazing and profoundly depressing, all at once. What I love about TIMJ, is that we are all in a little music community. If you don't like a post, you move on. No destructive comments, no...anger. You pick out your favourite Jamsters and get liking, talking, learning and...laughing. I think we probably all value TIMJ more than we know. It's unique and it's ours. I've chosen a piece to fit my non-combative mood. It's simply gorgeous and yep...I cried when I heard it. No fighting, just Jamming. Revel in Nils..   27

21schizoid 23 Jul 2013