A Warm Place by Nine Inch Nails


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but templelindsey was first  

Chill - Head fucked - Away From - Sanity   2

ColinDowney 20 Aug 2013

I feel like what this song sounds like.

betamax999 12 Sep 2014

Peaceful   11

terence 26 Mar 2014

Brings such vivid feelings of the warmth of friends and family for some reason

cmlinton 31 Mar 2014

Well, I think this is my jam, so I wanted something slightly melancholy and epic.. Only one track really fits. This is a great track off The Downward Spiral, and sees me signing off.. Catch me on http://www.letsloop.com/silentbazz   4

silentbazz 25 Sep 2015

It's been twenty years. This album doesn't mean exactly the same to me as it once did (a consequence of growing older), but it still has the capacity to surprise. This track in particular awakens the young man I used to be.   1

duncan_idaho 5 Aug 2014