Copy of A by Nine Inch Nails


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Glad to see Nine Inch Nails is still releasing such good tunes. I remember first really realizing I liked this kind of music in college and now a resurgence seems to be coming back full force. Sad that I missed them when they toured through here last year, so hopefully they'll come back soon.

singaboutlove 17 Jan 2015

Nine Inch Nails' best new song yet starts off Social Network soundtrack-style and gets dance rave epic.

retroberry 29 Jul 2013

Belter.   3

jonnyneale5 12 Aug 2013

Came back to listen to this album. Still loved the concert live.

keithKAOS 24 Jun 2014

This album has really grown on me. #NineInchNails #NIN #TrentReznor #HesitationMarks   5

rvleonard 28 Jan 2014

My choice inspired by the discovery that Lisa Fischer is a background singer for NIN

tomokospeaks 4 May 2014