Dead Souls by Nine Inch Nails


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Nine Inch Nail's Dead Souls track from the Crow soundtrack just came onto Spotify, and I was suddenly reminded of last night's conversation about bad films, and Carol's kinda brutal declaration that The Crow was one of the worst films ever. I probably wouldn't have minded so much if it hadn't been a film and soundtrack that defined my early twenties and still resonates. Ouch! Anyhow, can't find the soundtrack version, so here's an alternative recording of it.   1

psibreaker 17 Aug 2015

NIN covers week! JOY DIVISION cover recorded for The Crow, a film based on the Joy D-influenced comic book.   1

andykhouri 4 Oct 2012

Was listening to The Crow soundtrack and this song stood out to me.   1

phantasyrealm 2 May 2014

Just what's in my head.

zipflint 17 Aug 2015

Happy Halloween, errbody!

kenlowery 31 Oct 2012

Having a Crowment.

sajarina 10 Feb 2012