Discipline by Nine Inch Nails


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ever since the new 2013 single came out, i've been all about nine inch nails. i'm in love again ;3;

strobes 8 Jun 2013

I ordered Hesitation Marks today. In the meantime, I'm revisiting this gem (and twerking).

kiddotrue 6 Sep 2013

Once I start I can not stop myself!

gensicrobb 7 Mar 2012

Not done a lot of 'jamming' for a while, as I've been listening to a lot of Spotify and, more recently, Welcome to Night Vale podcasts, so here's a return to an old favourite that gets me dancing in my chair...

psibreaker 18 Sep 2014

i need my role in this very clearly defined / i need your discipline

jvdgoot 22 Nov 2014

Once I start I cannot stop myself.

PaplooThePirate 14 Nov 2014