Even Deeper by Nine Inch Nails


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Not my favorite song off The Fragile, but it's been such a shitty week that this really hits the spot.

marvincatt 15 Feb 2014

Even Deeper   1

Svetlozaro 30 Mar 2013

Am I really going to have to go to Reading this year, just to see these guys!

RickRedSix 26 Mar 2013

I woke up today to find myself in the other place with a trail of footprints from where I ran away it seems everything I've heard just might be true and you know me (well you think you do) sometimes, I have everything - yet I wish I felt something do you know how far this has gone? just how damaged have I become? when I think I can overcome it runs even deeper and in a dream I'm a different me with a perfect you we fit perfectly and for once in my life I feel complete

full777metal 7 Jun 2013

"Just how damaged have I become?"   2

richardhomer 15 Aug 2014