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Though it might not sound like anything traditionally associated with Nine Inch Nails, or Trent Reznor himself for the matter, this song off the newest album "Hesitation Marks" is still worth a listen.

EGKunz 10 Jan 2014

Trent goes pop!   4

jaxxon 22 Aug 2013

A curveball from Nine Inch Nails.   1

isaacashe 20 Aug 2013

O.K. It's the Liverpool sound sort of. But I like it.   3

scrit 4 Sep 2013

New NIN Day!

kenlowery 3 Sep 2013

I like the unashamed pop vibe here, kind of the same way I love Heart Shaped Glasses by Marilyn Manson.

PeteRogers 9 Dec 2013