Get Down, Make Love by Nine Inch Nails


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I give you meat

PaulReynolds 29 Dec 2012

Were you pleased, frightened, ecstatic, disgusted?

sunnybogden 5 May 2015

NIN covers week! Original artist: QUEEN. Produced by Al Jourgenson in 90 and maybe the best NIN recording ever   9

andykhouri 2 Oct 2012

This week I am re-appreciating PHM.

emmastory 11 Feb 2014

Another Trent Reznor cover, this time of Queen. Produced by Al Jourgenson of Ministry. Among the best NIN trax

andykhouri 12 Dec 2011

Kicking off a week of jamming cover songs. Hope you all enjoy! #coversweek   1

worfrat71 2 Feb 2014