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but kewagi was first  

the original is still my favorite :)

vandebogarts 24 Feb 2014

Gets harder to choose jams knowing we only have a couple of selections left.. Although Johnny Cash's cover of this is lauded as the best version, I still love Trent Reznor's original..   1

silentbazz 29 Aug 2015

25 days in, tired, so a little bit of Trent Reznor to brighten my day and hopefully yours!   7

njparry 25 Aug 2013

With Robin William's suicide I have been ruminating over many events in my past, mostly relating to my depression. So I figured "Hurt" would be a good jam.

fryedrycestyle 13 Aug 2014

Ever since Johnny Cash's cover come out, the original song seems to be largely forgotten. I still remember the song this way. A #GreatClosingSong for The Downward Spiral.

langgi 19 Dec 2013

You can't always get what you want, but sometimes, you can get something to kill it all away, for a while.

kewagi 19 Jan 2012