In This Twilight by Nine Inch Nails


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but AshingtonRave was first  

I'm so sorry I could only find a shit lyrics vid anyways this song is cheesedick and I love it

Kasael 20 Sep 2014

"And the longing that you feel/You know none of this is real/We will find a better place/In this twilight"   2

dreamoutloud 27 May 2012

But the sky is filled with light Can you see it? All the black is really white If you believe it And the longing that you feel You know none of this is real We will find a better place In this twilight

blackrose 11 Feb 2015

Watch the sun/As it crawls across a final time/And it feels like/Like it was a friend.

monkeh 24 Mar 2015

T-minus 11 hours! \m/ #NIN

joelleturbo 23 May 2014

I love the sound and the apocalyptic theme, but I enjoyed the coincidence that Twilight is also the name of a Decepticon ship, and I was writing about robots at the time.

karanseraph 31 Dec 2014