Leaving Hope by Nine Inch Nails


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This isn't the original, but is a great version nonetheless.

SpencerCongdon 10 Sep 2012

favorite.   5

theseantcollins 31 Aug 2012

favorite song by nine inch nails.

theseantcollins 24 Feb 2012

I think Still is my favourite album this year. The one I keep coming back to. Complex, chilled and beautiful.

MatttLloyd 4 Dec 2012

Probably one of my favorite NIN tracks ever.

robotcobras 22 Nov 2013

@Han and @flaneur have been inspiring me with their work for as long as I've known them. First through making data feel human during the golden ages of Last.fm (~2007-2010), then through the thoughtful approach to music with This is My Jam. TIMJ embodied the slowness needed to fully consider a piece of music, and focus, during our busy time of feeds and notifications. I feel like we will inevitably return to these ideas in the future, as being surrounded by data, updates, and abundant media becomes increasingly less satisfying. I can't wait to see what they will make. Much, much love. [photo by Maya Gerasimova: https://instagram.com/maya_gerasimova]

fascinated 26 Sep 2015