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yureisrevenge 13 Feb 2012

its a nin kind of day   1

dope69000 27 Jan 2014

Whilst listening to The Crow soundtrack, Spotify has been throwing in a few other songs from the same period, including - twice so far - songs from Nine Inch Nail's Downward Spiral album. since The Crow and The Downward Spiral came into my life at similar times, at around the time I was first getting into clubbing, this is reminding me a little of what it was like to be in my early 20s. But mostly it's reminding me of how great those old songs were. Of course, this might not be to your taste, but I could dance to songs like this all night.   1

psibreaker 28 Oct 2014

Because it's perfect.

elevitate 15 Jan 2015


bogslug 11 May 2014

That guitar solo is possibly one of the dirtiest, most amazing guitar solos ever.   2

smylie 2 Apr 2012