Satellite by Nine Inch Nails


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I'm still stuck on the new NIN album. This one is catchy and funky as all get out.

marshall 3 Dec 2013

I am seriously losing my shit for NIN at the moment. Their new album is off the hook!!!! I have had this song on repeat for days the section from 3:00 minutes on puts the biggest smile on my dial. Trent has to and I mean has to be put up there with the best song writers ever. The electro goodness of this song will definately light your fire @McRoss!!!! Enjoy @bassscape @mattb07 @McReidy   10

luggy9 13 Sep 2013

The breakdown at the end is what gets me. 3 minutes in - last 2 minutes of the song. Adore it.

clobeast 24 Nov 2013

Excellent, as ever

Oli 30 Sep 2013

More new NIN goodness. Just try not moving to this one. I dare you.

Notintheface1 3 Sep 2013

Probably the poppiest most Michael-Jackson-ist song that just happens to also be a NIN track. You'll hate it, I am sure.

threeze 2 Sep 2013