We're In This Together by Nine Inch Nails


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T -7 DAYS!!!!

uberlinco 8 May 2014

I've become impossible

jebreject 2 Nov 2014

#ABCs of me. Getting my industrial on.

lauramcgeachin 29 Mar 2015

Finally got to see nine inch nails on the fragility tour in London (ace tour shirt with the phrase "Where the fuck were you?) above the tour dates. Atari Teenage Riot supported who my best mate really rated, but left me cold. Ace gig.

silentbazz 18 Oct 2014

Number two (of ten) on songs I'd kill to get in #RockBand4 is "We're in this Together" from 1999's The Fragile. You may also have heard it in the trailers for the original Avengers.

fryedrycestyle 5 May 2015

Just watched Marvel's The Avengers trailer, like, six times, so...

J.Snyder 3 Feb 2012