All Apologies by Nirvana


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but was first  

Sad times, to see this end. Thanks to all for making it fun.

burningfp 9 Aug 2015

6 -- Best album-closing tracks. I'm going to post a handful of my favorite closers followed by an ordered top 10. Criteria include effectively providing a conclusion to an album, being irreplaceable in its role, and general quality of the song, in that order.   7

btener 24 Jul 2013

The accoustic version of this gets played so much, I forget how much I love the album version and how much it 10 Feb 2012

What else should I be?

terence 22 Jun 2015

Kurt Cobain. Genius. Enough said.   2

AnnaCisneros78 28 May 2015

Everyone is gay - Kurt Cobain

surfingkitten 9 Jul 2015