Come as You Are by Nirvana

erinengel11’s jam on 13 Sep ’15 (See all)

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When your ipod is on shuffle and Nirvana expectantly pops up :)

kirsten1 5 Mar 2015

Novi dzem! #nirvana   2

the_posterchild 22 Aug 2013

'And I swear that I don't have a gun'

celso 12 Sep 2015

My last #90sweek choice. I actually never listened Nirvana much,but I love this song and this album marked year 1991 when it comes to my music choices back in the 90s.   7

ada23 6 Feb 2015

No Nirvana yet - which song? This one will do...

paullancaster1 3 Sep 2015

20 Years Kurt R.I.P

Sponster 5 Apr 2014