Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge On Seattle by Nirvana


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In honor of @darlinikkisiks and Joe's arrival from Seattle today, a lil Nirvana!   1

izzafoshizza 5 Mar 2015

This fabulous and rather over-the-top, gothic video (fan-directed) of Nirvana's tune came by way of @Clarks_Auctions on twitter ... I don't know, smells like Teen Spirit, and I had a birthday this month, which put me over the hill ... The face you had when you were born.   2

europabridge1 29 Jun 2014

#USStates no. 48 0f 50: representing WASHINGTON State, a little-known band from Seattle called Nirvana

TBBYNH 4 Dec 2014

In honor of my visit to Seattle. An old roomie said this song had the best bridge of all time. It is possible.   2

andykhouri 31 Mar 2012

I miss the comfort in being sad

jajandio 8 Jan 2012

One of my favs   1

JoRiGo_UK 16 Apr 2015