You Know You're Right by Nirvana

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but whentheponydies was first  

#ISawThemLive @MadameZia - in the year 1990 :()   6

timeisnow 8 May 2015


mathjohnson 9 Jan 2013

Things have never been so swell I have never failed to fail

MartinWalker 24 Sep 2015

I have never felt so frail I have never failed to feel I have never felt to feel I have never failed to fail I'm so warm and calm inside I no longer have to hide No thought was put into this Always knew it would come to this #Nirvana #Thoughts

AaronCobain 11 Nov 2014

I think, by far, this would have to be my favourite Nirvana song, though Heart shaped box is a close second.   3

Dollythemod 1 Aug 2012

Nirvana. The greatest band the world has ever seen. You Know You're Right, one of Cobain's best.

ohughes86 12 Apr 2015