Dig by Nothing

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Full review at http://www.therealmusic.net/nothing-guilty-of-everything/

therealmusicnet 11 Mar 2014

Nothing - Dig I could not forget   1

excitement1995 23 Sep 2014

Re-jamming something for the first time...   1

zombierust 31 Aug 2014

heard this in urban outfitters while i was in new york, it was only after i shazamed it that i realised it was by nothing!! i'd heard a few of their songs already because of the split they did with whirr but idk why i never thought to look for more of their music. so happy i found this album

nnaffets 12 Mar 2015

This album reminds me of Slowdive and Morella's Forest.

scott_mcginnis 11 Jun 2014