Luv(sic) [ft. Shing02] ALL PARTS (1-6) by Nujabes

“Let us pray for 30min… #RIPNujabes

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Let us pray for 30min… #RIPNujabes

yumgsta 25 Feb 2014

The beautiful hexalogy. RIP Nujabes.

Glench 27 Mar 2014

30 minutes of bliss. R.I.P Seba Jun.

jordanchen 30 Mar 2013

Always on the verge of tears from this. Such a masterpiece.

david_laskey 4 Oct 2013

great flow.

Snickersnee 15 Jan 2015

i think possibly a theft from @naku, but hard to tell anymore. anyway, ill :)

margaritatee 15 May 2015