Whatever by Oasis

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...perfect song for when you are 18...

tadd31 21 Dec 2011

the second best Oasis song ever   1

rosswat 5 Mar 2015

Appropriate timing with rumours of an #Oasis #reunion, but its scary to realise this is 21 years old. The video is a such a throwback, it all wasn't so serious and it actually looks like lots of fun to be in Oasis. Not the huge money making headache that it and most successful bands seem to become. #RoseTinted. I suppose the other side is constantly striving for some success and recognition which is just as frustrating as achieving it. Maybe it's only a song and we should just enjoy it like the band seems to.   3

will_george 22 Apr 2015

My husbands least favorite word in the world.

igobyellie 1 May 2015

You only see what people want you to see.

jck 17 Oct 2014

i love the lyrics to this song, oasis has been something i grew up listening to, so most of their songs i love but the lyrics of the song, makes me feel happy.

BeckyLeanne 30 Nov 2014