Little Talks by Of Monsters and Men


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I really enjoyed seeing them live last night with @Smithy.   3

DobbyWooster 12 Jul 2012

I keep mixing up this song and the one I jammed yesterday in my head. Both good though!   3

thesunneversets 13 Nov 2012

Some people think they're a cross of Mumford and Florence. Some say The xx. I say folksy version of TNAF.

rlonghini34 1 Dec 2011

The last of my January Jams 'from places I believe to be colder than Scotland during winter'....   7

purlpower 29 Jan 2013

Honestly, I'm posting this one just as much for the video as the song itself. I love the aesthetic of it.

loveofmylife 9 May 2015

Though the truth may vary, this ship will carry our bodies safe to shore...

tstrobino 24 Nov 2013