The Party's Crashing Us by of Montreal


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'You f*cked the suburbs out of me' (best lyrics ever?)   2

StefinRaleigh 28 Sep 2012

Well we made love like a pair of black wizards.

dylan.todd 18 Jan 2013

(Believe it or not I had never seen this band before posting this. I have heard them for years, but never seen them. Don't let the questionable fashion choices, and haircuts deter you.) This song is such great pop craft that this is the closest I found to a suitable live version. It has lyrics discussing making love like black you need anything else? Start the song tab to another page and listen....or watch the (horror) show.

jamesgriffin 26 Jun 2013

"We made love like a pair of black wizards. You freed me from the past, you fucked the suburbs out of me."

spacegirl 23 Apr 2013

(we've learned the elevating trick)

chanonista 5 Jan 2014

Definitely probably the strangest concert I will go to for a very long time

uublog 19 Jan 2015