Invincible by OK Go

“Cuz I'm in the mood for something fun today.”

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Cuz I'm in the mood for something fun today.   2

Thrashbrowns 25 Jul 2014

1000 Fahrenheit, hot metal, lines behind your eyes, INVINCIBLE!

Bramsterbram 20 Dec 2013

As far as love songs go, one about someone being so cool they could stop an alien invasion single-handed is up there I think

GrantHowitt 26 Aug 2014

Good old OK Go song. Not quite like their superb music videos, but still a good one.

benkandt 9 Jul 2014

This is the DFKF-est song not actually written by Deadly Fists of Kung Fu.

timcity 28 Aug 2013

My obsessions have moved back to @okgo again.

EstragonHelmer 9 Feb 2015