Needing/Getting by OK Go


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but sean was first  

Late to the party on this, but MY GOD. The fat, wet, grungy guitars are amazing.   9

wilwheaton 6 Sep 2012

Needing's one thing, but getting, Getting's another.

arenuister 30 Apr 2015

I'm way late to the party on this. I didn't realize that Ok Go is way more than "Here it goes again."   6

wilwheaton 27 Jun 2012

#JAMuary 30th

RyanWilliams 30 Jan 2015

My current theme song.   1

countryboy 27 Oct 2013

In response to @dutchbeeblerox This video also captivated me. From what I recall a lot of the sound effects are actually from the making of this video. I could be wrong.   8

denizenofdreams 8 Aug 2013