This Too Shall Pass by OK Go

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but joshtothedawson was first  

Had a conversation on Twitter with @Scott_Wegna the other day that ended with love for this video.

EstragonHelmer 15 Feb 2015

And now for something visual...   15

dutchzaphod 14 Jun 2012

Great song and an even greater video. Rube Goldberg to the extreme. Check out version number 2 at @ghurlman (Dutch Classics are still jammed at @dutchzaphod ) Great OK Go at @plusgreg   55

dutchbeeblebrox 4 Aug 2013

Ok Go + Rube Goldberg. What's not to love?   2

goregeosity 7 Apr 2015

Great band, great song, great video. If you're having a bad day take one of these. If you aren't, take one anyway. :)

gravityslave 3 Mar 2015

! groß ART ig !

djchristus 29 Nov 2014