Westfall by Okkervil River

“"Evil don't look like anything."”

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"Evil don't look like anything."

laurahudson 8 Feb 2013

One of the finest songs ever....

madmackerel 12 Jun 2014

And when I killed her, it was so easy That I wanted to kill her again.   3

AmieLR 5 Nov 2012

This is probably the darkest song I enjoy; I am not the type of person who usually seeks out songs about murder. I like how this song really tells a compelling story. It's intriguing and intense. There is information about the inspiration for this song elsewhere on the internet that you may be interested in checking out. "Evil don't look like anything." I have seen news stories of people who have done terrible things and I see their photos and often times they look like normal people.

dannonl 18 May 2015

a song about the 1991 yogurt shop murders. pretty morbid subject but I like the song. "and all these cameras focusing on my face, you would think they could see through my skin, looking for evil, thinkin they can trace it....but evil don't look like anythin....

birdgunz 27 Aug 2014