Electricity by OMD

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but will.guy was first  

For some reason I am in a #synthpop mood. Maybe I will have a #synthweek.   3

UncannyUK 5 Jan 2015

Finally the only way to jump start the week.

julianisland 17 Nov 2014

It's a toss up between this and Enola Gay for my favourite OMD track.   10

pjcj 31 Jan 2013

No Youtube... No access to OMD tracks from ireland... We're all crim's over here!   2

eoinoriordan 4 Sep 2012

Power was out all night from the storm and I thought of this song as I fumbled around with my cell phone looking for a flashlight.   5

RegisterSeven 26 Apr 2014

And for the end of My Jam, the begining of the story, in my case of course.

ElSanto 25 Sep 2015