Night Café by OMD


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but compactrobot was first  

Really enjoying the reformed OMD stuff, while it's not as good as the early 80's stuff it has the same sense of experimentation.   3

timcw 31 Mar 2014

ok i wanted to post Maid Of Orleans (among other tracks). but i keep getting a lot of blocked youtube videos (as well as OMD). its been frustrating and its taken me about 6 attempts to pick this weeks Jam. this is the one i've ended up with this week, classic OMD - check out the proper vid on youttube.

tonymunch 21 Sep 2013

Still writing great melodies after 35 years.   2

compactrobot 10 Apr 2013

New single from their latest album - with the official video.   5

mfitzsimons 29 Aug 2013

This new song takes me back.

Slugworth 12 Apr 2013

One of the best tracks on the new OMD album. Harks back to their 80's heyday without sounding dated.

rocknrollisking 12 Apr 2013