“Cause you cold busted!”

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Cause you cold busted!

porksung 3 Dec 2014

"... I didn't wanna mess up this thirty-seven hundred dollar lynx coat..." *chuckles*

smashdad 18 Jan 2012

Another nice 80s number that few people know. Gotta dig his ridiculous rant at the end of the song.   2

lesamourai 3 Feb 2015

Heard this joint on the radio and was like dayummm. You may recognize from So Cosmic. Outro not to be missed.   2

Ultramafic 20 Feb 2013

my $3,700 lynx coat

music2video 22 Jun 2013

Happy Hump Day 80s Music Flashback! Apparently, today's forecast calls for oversized trenchcoats and shiny suits.

rayprq 18 Mar 2015