“Properly into this album now. They are my new Smiths.”

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Properly into this album now. They are my new Smiths.   5

LottieBrazier 19 Aug 2012

O is for Orange Juice and it was very difficult to pick just one song. I spent ages watching the young Edwyn in old vids - but sadly there is no such vid with this song. However "Rip It Up"https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ESy-Z8vqMrE - which I love loads and was my 3rd ever jam (it got 2 likes - pfft!!!) has great footage of him and the band . . . . . . You must think me very naive - taken as true - I only see what I want to see. . . .   16

lindatee 9 Dec 2014

before he 'never met a girl like you before' he was Orange Juice

GWreckage 25 May 2014