Fireflies by Owl City

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but Sebastian1314 was first  

My lil one sang this with her class at a recital this week. I cried! I think it's great lyrically!   3

hyapiko 8 Jun 2013

This is my jam, too!!

alfonsonocedal 5 Dec 2013

Firmly place this is the "emotional regression to innocence" category...

tcatlett 18 Apr 2015

Aghh I still love the "Everfree Forest" (my previous jam), but that 'un's going to expire soon anyways.

Sebastian1314 22 Feb 2012

Awesome song and even better video. Most unique video I've seen in a long time.   15

stevekrohn 19 Oct 2013

Love @OwlCity. Always make me happy. This is one of my favourites. ^.^

EstragonHelmer 18 Jun 2015