Bark at the Moon by Ozzy Osbourne

“Another choice cut from Kristin's amazing vinyl collection”

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Another choice cut from Kristin's amazing vinyl collection

milesmendoza 17 Sep 2013

He's turned out to be one cool rockstar father these days (despite some faults). And never once did I try to eat a bat's head listening to his music.

kingstontown 24 Sep 2013

Just some Ozzy to get through the remaining half of the week.   3

metallicagirl 22 Jan 2014

Only song I could think of on the fly. Happy Halloween. OOOOOWWWWOwowowow

kingstontown 31 Oct 2014

one for all you werewolves out there.   2

hoops1958 30 Oct 2014

You know, for Halloween!   2

Thrashbrowns 31 Oct 2014