Shoot You by PINS

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Man, Danish knights REALLY love this song... and made me love it, too, thanks to association and not the fact that it gets stuck in your head forever...

cyberpilate 5 May 2015

Don't know where I was when this song came out. Hearing it for the first time last night as I made dinner, at that dangerous hour when the light is beautiful in the kitchen and the bourbon starts to kick in (it's when I choose most of my jams), I was all "this rocks!" ... fist-pumping and dancing like a spazz and embarrassing my kids as usual.... #tillthewheelsfalloff   5

timmuky 24 Sep 2015


jennitalula 17 Feb 2014

Did you see Pink fly? Because I saw Pink fly.

Airdrummer87 10 Dec 2013

New Bella Union signings from Manchester. These girls are WAY too cool *jealous face*...   1

FamousWhenDead 20 Aug 2012