Entre dos Aguas by Paco de Lucía

“Ay Ay Ay...Caramba..!!”

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Ay Ay Ay...Caramba..!!

Blenderz 7 Apr 2012

Paco de Lucia passed away today...so here's one of his most famous songs as a good intro in to his music.... #flamenco   1

rosspepperell 27 Feb 2014

woke up to this news :( R.I.P. Paco de Lucia!   23

natyblooming 26 Feb 2014

Thank you This is My Jam !   4

JanePlume 18 Aug 2015

You'll be forever missed // Te extrañaremos por siempre // 我们将永远怀念你!   1

misdiscos 27 Feb 2014

I'm trying now to only do 1 Jam per week, so apologies for the quick change. Unfortunately, Paco de Lucia died recently, and at only 66yrs young. Sadly, one of our stars has gone dark. Fortunately, there are new ones being born.

Phyl 10 Mar 2014