Always by Panama

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but camaila was first  

My love affair with #Aussie music continues via Sydney @panamatheband "you said I’m a coward when it comes to love"   1

yvy 24 Aug 2014

Thank you, Grand Theft Auto 5. Your radio stations always help me find new stuff to listen too :)

RobRowley 23 Mar 2015

Couldn't get the last jam to play!

RachelThompson 15 Dec 2014

Dedicated to my wife/Dutch sister Toni Wood. Thank you for putting up with travelling with me for 3 months, you've listened to a lot of bullshit. I'll miss watching you eat. Love you long time you small strong woman #asia

RachelThompson 14 Dec 2014

My interpretation of this song: A strong relationship with someone will leave a footprint in the deepest recesses of your memory/personality. No matter how far or distant that relationship might be at the present, it will always be with you. In essence, that relationship has changed who you are as a person. It has transformed you entirely and you have taken aspects of the person into your soul.

jleano01 10 Nov 2013

Deep down, you said I'm coward when it comes to love #ALWAYS

camaila 13 Oct 2013