I'm Broken by Pantera

DaveUsher’s jam on 7 Mar ’13 and then once after that (See all)

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but thisismadeup was first  

The title at least seems pretty apt this week!   1

emmaface 7 May 2014

-\m/- deserted by @Lastfm - now back to my own playlists!! nice :)

prisca_eyedea 15 Sep 2015

Quick, listen before EastWest (or whoever) has it taken down   1

smallupsetter 1 Sep 2014

I read a comment on Facebook earlier that stuck this song in my head. With how catchy the riffage in this track is, I doubt it's going anywhere.

MrUmlaut 7 Aug 2015

Groooove metal.   1

MatttLloyd 22 Jan 2014

Following Moby with Pantera? Obviously.   1

mattorganic 24 Aug 2015