Scream (Funk My Life Up) by Paolo Nutini

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Heard this shopping at H&M and Shazam'd it. This is the kind of music I want to be playing. Now just to put the right band together and find someone with a voice like this.... Know anyone?

tommyspero 28 Aug 2014

New album is going to be BIG.

glenscott 27 Jan 2014

A welcome return!   3

drunkeneviltwin 28 Jan 2014

Can't get enough of this track from paolo's new album 'caustic love' great to have him back!!! Enjoy :-) #paolonutini #scream #causticlove   1

drewharley67 4 May 2014

From his new CD, "Caustic Love".   3

TessParker 9 May 2014

Feelin' alive.

younglion 4 Feb 2015