Master of My Craft by Parquet Courts

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(Finally) finished with uni for the summer! Off to #glasto in the morning.   1

amortentia 25 Jun 2014

I mastered my craft? Forget about it.

MoustachePants 15 Aug 2014

This group keep cropping up and I'm liking them more and more. Why am I so late to them? Parquet Courts - Master of My Craft.

loboska 6 Dec 2014

Socrates died in the fucking gutter.   2

kaispasha 8 Apr 2014

One of many #timjdiscoveries   5

abigail.deeks 20 Aug 2015

Parquet Courts have been my favourite band for the last week. This album is so good. On top of this song, also listen to 'Careers in Combat', and 'Stoned and Starving', it will blow your mind! I haven't figured out how to describe their sound, its sounds like mature garage rock of something... I don't know but its wicked. Like them on Facebook: "Forget about it."

tylermartin 1 Oct 2014