Stoned and Starving by Parquet Courts

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but Matan was first  

I was debating swedish fish, roasted peanuts or licorice.

lizzyloo 29 Oct 2014

Need to make time to listen to the rest of this album...   5

purlpower 25 Jul 2013

One of 2 songs running around my head at the moment, the other was a classic = blocked. New Band = Enjoy.   8

Matan 8 Nov 2012

This appeared across the jamisphere way before I heard it anywhere else - an excellent album that I still play regularly. #TIMJdiscoveries   3

StillHonest1 16 Aug 2015

I was reading that smoking kills

pabloldias 26 Feb 2014

Discovered this thanks to a Findlay mixtape on Spotify...   1

flame_me_up 18 Sep 2015