I'll Be Alright by Passion Pit


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Very pleased to see Passion Pit are back up to their old tricks.

MichaelDAnton 12 Jun 2012

C'est parfait.

bnjmnjck 25 May 2013

Bo12: This award-winning video, director's cut, is whack and it is a great visual for a great song. One of the best tracks of 2012. Easily.

restless941 29 Jan 2014

Title track from the new Passion Pit album (out July 24th).   1

melvillean 15 Jun 2012

"Yeah go if you want to, I'll be alright. I'll be alright."

ali 31 Jul 2012

Passion Pit's music really speaks to me with how it's often sad but desperately trying to be optimistic.

roguepunk 5 Oct 2014