Tonight, Tonight by Passion Pit


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Decent cover of the Smashing Pumpkins version

Manak 25 Jul 2013


JeffAyling 1 Oct 2013

An interesting cover of Smashing Pumpkins's "Tonight, Tonight" by Passion Pit

Ipequey 24 Oct 2012


newdayvow 21 Feb 2013

They just keep making music that makes me want to listen. Enjoy their reinterpretation of 'the Smashing Pumpki

JamesStick 31 Oct 2012

I really love the super-floaty #synth take on this song. It's simultaneously #lush and #sparse, and something about the voice when he's singing the drawn-out "belieeeeeeeeeeeve" just kind of pierces me. I'll always be partial to the song, regardless of who's singing it, for the line "And the embers never fade in the city by the lake; the place where you were born." The city I lived in as a teenager, not my birthplace but still where I was arguably "born" into adulthood, had "The City by the Lake" as their tagline.   2

owtytrof 17 Jul 2013