Because The Night by Patti Smith

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shazbosco 26 Jun 2015

Definitely a top ten choice for karaoke-ing! Also, a reminder I need to read Just Kids...   2

tommoose 15 Jun 2015

Because it does...   29

onelovepictures 22 Aug 2012

Another one of those songs that I haven't heard in years and mysteriously pops into my head quite randomly from nowhere. I've seen a video of Patti performing this song recently during her book tour and her voice hasn't changed since she recorded the song 30+ years ago.

leeredfern 31 Jul 2015

Walking through first class while boarding my plane home from New York, a face caught my eye. Craggy, lived-in features, wavy grey hair just past the shoulders, an expression (and a flight case) suggestive of a person who has seen much and is ready for more - it was all very familiar.   4

crawtonleek 25 Nov 2014

And then there's the next day to deal with....   5

Charlotta 5 Dec 2011