dancing barefoot by Patti Smith

“yes, muthafuckas.. yes!”

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yes, muthafuckas.. yes!

hyapiko 24 Mar 2015

Patti, New York poet and priestess of punk.   8

DavidAnderson 20 Oct 2014

I'll need to check with @Bukowski but I consider Patti Smith to be one of the 20th/21st century's real genuine genius artists. I've been listening to her a lot over the last few days, and struggling what to Jam, but in the end I reckon you can't argue with the sheer brilliance of this...   13

twistymellorman 24 Jan 2015

I spin so ceaselessly.   3

labracoon 23 May 2012

We shut our eyes we stretch out our arms And whirl on a pane of glass

MarkKriegsman 24 Sep 2015

Because she is fucking excellent.

cinderandsmoke 16 Feb 2012